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योगरन्धितकर्माणो हृदि योगविभमविते योगगनो यंप्रपश्यन्धत योगेशंतंनतोऽस्म्यहर् | yogarandhita karmaano hrudi yogavibhaavite yogino yam prapashyanti yogesham tam nato asmyaham | I do homage to that Master of Yoga whom Yogis that have burnt their Karma by means of Devotion,directly perceive in their heart, purified through the practice of Yoga.  The above Sloka is from Chapter 8,…

what is yoga

India, a country of a million colors and 1.25 billion dreams is also one of the world’s fastest growing economy and creative powerhouse. India has been a intellectual and economical powerhouse since ancient times. India housed the oldest international university in the world: Takshshila and producing the largest amount of GDP in the world for…

yoga resources

In this section we have provide several resources where you can learn more about Yoga and meditations rich history. We also provide several video links where Indian gurus describe what is Yoga and how to use it for your well being. Film- History of Yoga, by Deepika & Ramji   The Film ‘”History of Yoga…

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