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“Cleanliness is next to Godliness” – M.K. Gandhi Patanjali (184- 148 BC) in his ‘Yoga sutra’ describes both inner and outer cleanliness ‘the Yama’ as the first limb of his eight-limbed Yogic practice. So when Gandhi the father of the Indian nation had given this famous quote. It was drawn from the depths of a…


Governments and rehabilitation organizations often overlook the fact that disaster survivors not only need the rebuilding of their destroyed homes but also of their often shattered emotional and mental health. However, with the increased implementation of disaster-specific yoga intervention programs things are progressing into more comprehensive disaster-management initiatives.Teaching yoga practices of strengthening postures, relaxing breathing…

yoga Conflict Resolutions

The holistic practices of yoga aimed at rejuvenating and resting the mind, body and spirit are also being used for conflict resolution, not merely at an individual and interpersonal level where one deals with conflicts in one’s mind and relationships, but also at a larger more global international scale.The results of yoga practice are greater…

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